Assisi Rosso Doc

This wine is the result of an accurate fermentation including skins of Sangiovese, Canaiolo and Merlot grapes. After four years in oak barrels and at least six months refinement in bottle, the wine takes on a wonderful ruby red colour with an abundant and austere bouquet, rich in fruit and vanilla aromas. Its taste is full, dru and velvety, it is indeed a strong personality in itself. It matches well with roasts, feathered game and with the best tomato-based dishes of Italian cuisine. To be served at 18-20°C (64-68°F).


VARIETALS Sangiovese, Merlot and Canaiolo
CULTIVATION SYSTEM Palmet, or fan pruning, with spring cluster thinning and organic farming methods without the use of pesticides and herbicides
VINIFICATION Carbonic maceration in rotary fermentation tank followed by malolactic fermentation in stainless steel
AGING Four years in oak casks, followed by bottle aging
CHARACTERISTICS Colour: intense ruby red
Bouquet: ample and austere, rich in fruity scents with a hint of vanilla
Flavour: full, dry, with soft and spicy tannins
FOOD MATCHINGS Roasts, game dishes and dishes with tomato-based sauces


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