Muffa Reale

This wine is the result of the original combination of Grechetto and Semillon grapes, gathered at a late stage, when already dehydrated by the noble “grape mould”. This unique wine, wich improves with age, is the result of careful picking, a traditional wine-making process aided by the most modern technology, and finally one year of refinement in stainless steel. From superior aromas and the sweet and harmonious tatste, a unique character bursts out; the result is a strong and soft, fresh and warm wine of distinctly rare and immediate appeal. Muffa Reale is an original aperitf, but also perfect with paté de foie gras, soft and seasoned cheeses, dry sweets and nuts. To be served at 10°C (50°F).


VARIETALS Grechetto and Semillon
CULTIVATION SYSTEM Palmet, or fan pruning, with spring cluster thinning and organic farming methods without the use of pesticides and herbicides
VINIFICATION Soft pressing, free-run juice fermented in stainless steel at controlled temperature
AGING A wine for aging which improves in flavour and bouquet over time
CHARACTERISTICS Colour: straw-yellow
Bouquet: intense and fruity bouquet with hints of tropical fruits
Flavour: “amabile” , sweet and harmonious
FOOD MATCHINGS An original aperitif with paté de foie gras; soft and aged cheeses; nuts


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