Wine tourism yes, but sustainable!

Wine tourism yes, but sustainable!

Sustainable wine tourism does not only emphasize organic farming, which we implement across the board, from careful integrated pest management without the use of pesticides and herbicides to short pruning, from tying with traditional loops respecting the ecosystem to spring thinning. Sustainable wine tourism also involves proper waste management, from the use of recycled paper to reduced plastic usage, from reducing CO2 emissions to achieving energy independence. This is our vision of sustainability that favors less technology and more countryside, viewing the vineyard as a biodiversity experience, and the cellar as the place where wine production is simply accompanied. The focus is on us, the main actors of tourism where we do our part, encouraging education and communication about the environment and its protection.

We prioritize environmental sustainability at the center of every business decision; being able to look not only at the next semester or year, but at the next ten years or, as was told in the book “The Good Ancestor”, looking ahead at least seven generations to set today’s goals.

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