Sustainability and slowness, an inseparable combination

Sustainability and slowness, an inseparable combination

It’s a true philosophy, a way of life.

Every moment is lived as an experience rich in emotions to be fully savored. By living slowly, time expands, leaving room for encounters with details; the sight of views that we wouldn’t have noticed in haste, the conversation with people who share our same experience, or simply that moment of pure tranquility that nature can provide.

An opportunity to look at reality with new eyes, through a perspective often overlooked, that of the landscape unfolding slowly, allowing us to savor the details and encounters with people of all kinds who convey perspectives that wouldn’t have been caught with faster means. The wine tourist is not in a hurry; they intend to maintain a healthy and balanced relationship between their personal pleasure and their connection with nature. They are the prototype of the sustainable tourist, aware of and following the seasons, wanting to spend more time in the territory they respect. They seek and love local storytelling, willing to understand the culture of the place and the stories of the local actors. They appreciate authentic storytelling. Through wine tourism, the land and everything connected to it are also told, especially if it is in a territory with a strong vocation like Umbria.

Here, at Cantina Tili, we seek to enhance ancient knowledge and flavors, aspire to less hurried but deeper relationships, and propose, starting from our shared past, a different way of building and looking at our future.

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