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  • Ospite - Joran van de Ven

    Visited the winery today, really at the end of the day.
    It was actually too late for a real tasting but anyway several wines appeared on the table.
    Great evening, great wines. What a hospitality!

  • Ospite - Martin Few

    Ciao Maria , Claire , Juano ( apols because I know I will have mispelt your name).
    We made an impromptu visit to your wonderful winery yesterday and you all made it a truly personal experience. The tour was most enjoyable , informative and most of all relaxed - it was nice to go into the cellars to get out of the burning sun!
    You are all so passionate about your organic winery and why not when you produce such wonderful products - no hard sell here, the quality of the wines speak for themselves.
    Thanks also to your wonderful hosts for making us so relaxed and it was so nice to hear about your family history - your winery is set in a little place in Heaven near to Spello.
    Take care all and we look forward to returning again soon
    Ciao e Arrivederci

  • Ospite - Karen

    Having our first bottle of Tili wine at home!! Missing Italy! Loving the wine!!

    da Wisconsin, USA
  • Ospite - Karen

    We went to wine tasting and had the meal! It was FANASTIC!!! We had a lot of fun with the owner and the staff!! The wine is TERRIFIC!! We ordered some and had it delivered to our home! So excited to make dinner for family and friends and serve our special wine!! Thank you to Tili Vini for making our first trip to Italy so special!!!

  • Ospite - A. Lincklaen Arriens

    Friday 10 August we had a wine tasting and tour. It was great, nice wines, great food, friendly atmosphere and short but interesting tour.

  • Ospite - Susan D'Amato

    We have been to many wine tastings in Umbria and I have to say the the experience at Tili was the best. They are certainly passionate about their product and when you taste it you will know why. The light lunch that accompanied the tasting was substantial. We did not feel at all rushed and enjoyed a lovely lunch on the terrace sampling 7 different wines along with olive oil, at a very reasonable price. If you have the opportunity to visit Tili, you won't be disappointed!

  • Ospite - James

    Impressive story thanks

  • Ospite - Tina


  • Ospite - Claire Fremder

    We had an amazing wine tasting at Tili with the lady herself and wonderful family and staff. It was personal, delicious and fun. Highly recommend the experience.