mariluMarilù Umbria Rosso Passito IGT

Produced with dried Sagrantino grapes, of wich only healthy grapes are gathered to dry in cases and hand-selected after a few months according to the old tradition. With the aging in oak casks its typical astringent taste changes into one of pure velvet, slightly sweet, full and yet rich in aroma.
It's very agreeable even between meals, it can be matched with strong cheeses, dry sweets, and other biscuits.
To be served at minimum 18-20°C (64-68°F).

Characteristics and technical information

Varietals: Sagrantino
Cultivation system: Palmet, or fan pruning, with spring cluster thinning and organic farming methods without the use of pesticides and herbicides
Yield per hectare: 4000 litres/ha
Drying technique: The healthy grapes are carefully hand-picked and left to dry in special wooden cases in a fresh and well-ventilated room until the winter, when the berries are hand selected one by one for vinification
Vinification: Fermentation on the skins
Aging: In oak casks
Chemical analysis: Values in the norm
Colour: Amaranth red
Bouquet: Intense with a rich complexity and persistent aroma of raisins and dried figs
Flavour: The typically astringent notes of dried grapes are harmonized in a sweet melody of sensations typical of a timeless wine Serving temperature: 18-20°C ( 64-68°F)
Food matchings: Cheeses, nuts, biscotti, chocolate recommended as the perfect touch to a special moment