The passion for the vineyard

PPME5065The Tili Farm stretches on the hills East of the town Assisi, land rich of peace and saints but also of a centuries old tradition about vines and olive trees.

The chalky soils of medium mixture, poor of organic matter but rich of mineral salts is perfect for these cultivations. The vines sink its roots in an arid soil that for its permeability, doesn't retain the rain, enriching so the organoleptic features of grapes with saline notes.

Then the geographic and climatic conditions warrant a perfect salubrity in the vineyards. In fact those vineyards needed very few treatments with only sulfur and copper like the Organic Farming certification requires. The fifteen hectares of the vineyards includes the best vines selected and cultivated with espalier system so they can be kissed by sun for all the day.

The use of particular techniques with short pruning, the spring thinning, the grassing associated with targeted and calculated plowing, carefully integrated control without pesticides and herbicides or other synthetic chemicals, show love and respect for nature of the family-run winery.